Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Dry Daughter

Hanna said tonight that she was thinking about bringing the dry daughter back to Dalian with us. We're going to Shuangyashan for National Day again this year.

Hanna keeps asking me what my family and friends back in the States would think of my marrying somebody with a kid. Her mother said she worried a stepfather would hurt Eileen, would look out only for a child of his own. Who's talking about anybody else, though?


  1. Weird. Hi Tim! I was playing around online and found this! I though, "holy cow, it's Timmy"! Anyway, I'm gonna answer your question. My ex-husbands parents voiced the same concern when I married him and had a three-year-old daughter. They said it just happens. Well, we had two other children together, and he never once treated my daughter any different than his own. I honestly think sometimes he forgets she isn't his by blood. And, even after we divorced after ten years, he still treats her as his own! He is an awesome dad. I'm sure you will be, too! In fact, I'm positive! Congratulations on your new family.