Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Downtown School

Today I worked at the downtown school. Because it's closing on the thirtieth, I wanted one more chance to see the building. There's just so much competition downtown, with another English school right next door, and the rent's so high. Kaifaqu has neither of these problems since it's in an area of town with few competing schools and the boss boss owns the building outright.

I think I wanted something more final, but I never occupied the downtown space long enough to have built up an attachment to it. If anything, it's the bizarro school, with two separate upstairs areas, one a foot too high, so that any person about 5 10 is likely to hit their head on parts of the ceiling; the tucked-away office; a different room that's insanely big, like the size of three, about which I've always felt I'd lose a student or a fellow teacher in if I weren't careful. My usual obsession with space and room and emptiness and people never stuck in this space. I never craved any small part of it.

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