Saturday, November 26, 2011

Table Etiquette

I was having a conversation with the restaurant owner about her English, which wasn't bad. I've heard her speak Korean and Japanese, and she might be able to speak German too. She'd been sitting with her two-year-old daughter at a table, both singing a song in English. Just as my meal came out, she placed the girl's head on the table and started digging out the wax from her ear. I tried to look at anything but, accidentally catching their reflection in the window several times. I finished my pizza just as she finished digging.

"{Is it my turn?}" I asked in Chinese.

She must not have understood me. "Yeah, there's a lot," she said in English. Or she was ignoring my joke.

"{Thank you guys,}" her daughter said in Chinese.

"{Me and who?}" I asked.

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