Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Symptoms of Culture Shock

Reading over the symptoms of culture shock
  • depression
  • idealization of the home country
  • irritation
  • confusion
again, you remember that it can be with you for a long time. Even if part of your contract is to help people through it. The big one for a lot of people isbut it's not on your list. If anything, it's hard to get away from others, yet that is also one of the symptoms
  • an unwillingness to socialize
so, like, you gotta watch yourself. Oh, and
  • obsessive behavior
like blogging every day or getting over it and then trying to make up for all those missed days by posting much more. In Normal, you felt just as out of place, you think: there was a gas station where you bought frozen pizzas and garlic bread and felt weird about not going to an actual grocery store. You hope that's how it actually was because if your memory's not wrong, then you can relax: you've always been this way. But, Jesus, if you were like this back home, there's no escape.

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