Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Slow Work

Last Thursday Sophia Huan took over as my Chinese teacher. Learning new words is no problem. Even the characters aren't too bad. Well, recognizing them, anyway, which is a good thing because when you type, all you gotta do is recognize the characters and select them. Handwriting's a whole nother skill, which requires serious time. Now that I've learned to talk, at least enough to embarrass myself at most occasions, which is just fine with me, it's back to the beginning again to learn all the writing that goes with the speaking. Not that I'm at the beginning, no, since I've been learning characters now for over a year, but there are certainly a lot of 'em. But, yes, it's still the grammar that kicks my ass. And the punctuation, but don't get me started on that. It would be nice to have class every day and to have tests that really pushed me to learn certain things. I get to practice all the time, and I can see improvements, but everything still feels slow, which I have to convince myself is OK.

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