Friday, September 23, 2011

Last Days, One Hopes, of Being So Busy

Recently everybody's been incredibly busy at work (I myself am on day ten of a twelve-day workweek). We're making class sizes smaller, reducing the number of students per class from twelve to six, so that we can tighten an already-good curriculum. Planning and scheduling have taken up a lot of time, and everybody's ready for the October holiday, nine whole days off (my first vacation since February).

Last Saturday two new Western teachers arrived. Their arrival has been a refresher. Having majored in education, they help round out a solid Western staff. Their professional manner has already been commented on and praised by the Eastern staff.

And I'm excited about the new schedule, which should allow me not only more personal free time but also more time to observe classes and help the other teachers, which I haven't been able to do because of my own full load. I've had trouble lately switching between bigger decisions involving the school and smaller decisions about, for example, which game to play during a Tots class. Lots of dreams about teaching, the recurring nightmare about teaching the past unreal conditional to three- and four-year-olds, in particular.

But, as I said, the October holiday, National Day, is coming up, and I'm heading up north, where I plan to speak no English for nine days. Really, I could use the break.

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