Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's 2011, for Fuck's Sake

The Bear says there's going to be a protest down in Renmin Square at 9 tomorrow morning against a polluting factory that should be at least a hundred miles from the city but is dangerously close. She wants to go, but she's scared. She's not even sure it'll really happen. Many people are talking about it on the Internet, but she thinks there's too much fear. "Maybe the police will get there before. Because it happened already. Once, they wanted to do it in Xinghai Square, but the police were already there." When I ask her whether she wants to leave China, I already know the answer. I've asked her many times. I just can't believe her answer. Before, everybody I talked to was so pro-China, like it was a gut reaction, but now so many people are willing to call shenanigans. If, for example, you were to yell in a crowded place, "Fuck Hu Jintao," you'd disappear, the Bear says. Nobody would know what happened to you. "This is not only one person's fault. The whole system isn't right, because we have only one party."

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