Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Let's Be Happy with What We Have"

Recently I haven't been able to stand much of this place. The Chinese government claimed there were only forty people killed in the recent train crash, according to the Bear, yet the total is over two hundred. The other day a Chinese woman said she was disappointed in China. Upon hearing this, her coworker said she loved China because unlike in the West, here you don't have to follow the rules. "You can do anything you want." As long as you know people, some of us reminded her. "Well, yeah. That's a social skill." But farmers don't have that skill, and so it's not fair to them; they have to follow the rules, the first woman reminded her. "That's why they're farmers," her coworker said. It's always paying off people and being nice to people in power and putting up with shit and acting happy. Better not show anger.

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