Monday, June 27, 2011

Manager Meeting

A couple days ago I was told there'd be a manager meeting and I was to attend. This was the big boss saying this. I said simply, "Great." When he'd left, I told Joyce, "But I'm not a manager." She said they just wanted my input.

Now, there have been rumors going around for a while that I'd become the next leader (the word the Eastern teachers keep using). I always tell Miles, "I just wanna teach"—it should be my stamp, really, ready to be deployed on the original form and the three accompanying carbon copies any time someone asks me to do something unrelated to my classes. But the thing is, usually Western teachers stay only a year, and so much of that year is spent orienting yourself. People willing to stay longer are a rarity.

So I entered today's meeting trying not to be excited for fear I'd be let down. However, at the end of the meeting, I was told I'd been promoted. I'm now the Director of Education. I love being here and had already planned to stay at least two more years. Now I'm considering making a career with this company.


  1. Hey, congrats, Tim. That's awesome!

  2. In an industry full of transients, it's nice to see people like you