Thursday, October 7, 2010

On "Distraction"-Free Writing

With the talk of creating new creative environments, some folks have forgotten about
Embracing the Impossibles. Getting past […] intellectual koans by simply accepting life's innumerable and unresolvable paradoxes, hypocrisies, and impossibilities as God-given gifts of creative constraint. Rather than, say, a mimeographed page of long division problems that must be solved for a whole number, n.
  1. I just can't ever get away from this […]. For me, it's what everything inevitably comes back to.
  2. The very definition of our jobs is to solve the right problem at the right level for the right reason—based on a combination of the best info we have for now and a clear-eyed dedication to never pushing an unnecessary rock up an avoidable hill.
  3. YET, we keep force-feeding the monster that tells us to fiddle and fart and blame the Big Cruel World whenever we face work that might threaten our fragile personal mythology.
    1. "Sigh. I wish I could finally start writing My Novel….Ooooooh, if only I had a slightly nicer pen…and Zeus loved me more…."
—Merlin Mann, "'Distraction,' Simplicity, and Running toward Shitstorms"

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