Saturday, September 25, 2010

Versions Of

Yesterday was National Punctuation Day in the States. Thus in so many online feeds links to places that said English was dying or dead.

Most of my days, but not their entireties, spent in Englishes.

One of the new teachers and I were talking about how Mao wanted to get rid of characters and just use Pinyin. The new teacher said he'd heard that Stalin talked Mao into keeping the characters. Tradition, you know.

Part of my job is to talk to an Eastern staff about Western society and to talk to a Western staff about Eastern society. Lots of room to talk in absolutes. Who said, "The time to make up your mind about people is never"?

Spent in Englishes. You might say Chenglish. In versions between English and Chinese. Between?

Kelly's studying Korean. She says she misuses Korean, that most Koreans do. How? She uses honorifics wrong.

Students don't learn tenses till a certain level. How do they conceptualize time? How do they think of completed action?

These imagined enemies.

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