Thursday, August 19, 2010

SK1C, Laiboman

For the past semester, I've had class in another school. The students were amazing, funny folk.

They're playing a game, but you know goddamn well they know they're learning. In the background is a lobster mislabeled in two languages—"shrimp" and "虾"—or maybe it's the picture, not the words, that's wrong. Behind the photographer is a window that opens onto a beautiful view of the hallway, where the light switch for the room is located, which light switch is, unfortunately, fucked with by unsupervised students. Notice the iPod, used as a clock. What you can't see is an actual chalkboard with its chalk lined up, dustying up clothes. Fairy and Peter will tie, two games each. Shawn will win four games, but Steven won't seem to care.

Steven asked today, "Do you have a girlfriend?" Sometimes he arrived late to class just to practice the dialogue
A: Sorry I'm late.

B: That's OK.
Everybody looks more serious than they are.

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