Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Focus on Dalian Article

My article, "Shama Luxe Grand Central: Luxe for One Night," which I wrote back in May, was published in this month's Focus on Dalian, just out today. During one of the interviews, I was asked if the apartment's management would be allowed to read the piece before it was printed. "It was part of the deal when we agreed to the article," the interviewee said. After that, much of the fun was gone. I didn't want to write something that would be checked. I mean, I hadn't planned to bash the place, but. The magazine's operations manager assured me that even though the apartment folk would be allowed to read my stuff, they wouldn't be allowed to change it at all. "I intend to keep some integrity." And but the thought that the article would be read before it was read bothered me during the writing. I've looked at it only a little in its static form in the glossy pages. It is at least one sentence longer than the version I wrote, ending with something I would never write. At least it's not one of my poems.

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