Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 22, 2010

The summer semester, with its seventeen classes a week, ended today. Next week, though each Eastern teacher will stay with their classes, the Western teachers will switch. That their child will have a new teacher is sometimes a little difficult for some of the parents to understand. In China, students stay not only with the same group of classmates but also with the same teacher for many years. I have no idea how the students feel about the change. Some of them are too young, of course, to realize what's going on, even when we explain, first in English and then in Chinese. Others, perhaps, don't give a shit. They go to school five or sometimes six days a week and then have to come to our school in addition.

I said goodbye to one of my favorite classes this morning, SK3B. I'll still see them around, of course, as they'll only be down the hall, in a room called Los Angeles. Next semester—that is, next week—I'll even get two of my former classes back.

Also, Stephanie, a Western teacher who's become a good friend, is heading downtown next week. It'll be weird not having her around.

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