Thursday, July 1, 2010

Space, Work or Otherwise; Body and Mind As If Separate

The café at Jayland opened today, with the grand opening to come. Preston's been talking about it since I arrived. Now there are three branches of the business: the English-language school, the Chinese-culture center, this café. For weeks, Preston and the separate café staff have been selling bread to the parents and students who come on Fridays. It's the best bread I've tasted in almost two years, and it was nice today to finish teaching and then head down into the basement for a few cocktails. Weird, though, like a bar crawling into your work space. Lately the work's been crawling into my out space—invitedly, I must admit.


Today Sunny taught me Wǒde shēntǐ hěn lèi, dànshì wǒde tóunǎo hěn qīngxǐng, "My body is tired, but my mind is awake."

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